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All Mesh Sold by Yards




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    • Resistant to common solvents and to alkalies but are attacked by strong mineral acids.
    • Good abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction.
    • Working temperature is typically around 239F (115C). Exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration (yellowing).
    • Water absorption is very high.
    • Sterilizing by autoclaving, ETO sterilizing and gamma sterilizing (Under 2.5 Megarads) can be performed.

    Part Numbers

    Sefar Part #1: 03-6/5
    Sefar Part #2: 3A03-0006-115-10

    Technical Information

    Mesh Opening: 6 micron
    Open Area: 5 %
    Thread Diameter: 37 micron
    Weight (lbs): 0.11 lbs/yd^2
    Weight (oz): 1.8 oz/yd^2
    Weight (g): 60 g/m^2
    Thickness: 100 micron
    Width: 45 inch
    Length: All mesh are sold in Yards.

    Material: Nylon
    Specific Gravity: 1.14 g/mm^3
    Tensile Strength: 41.67 daN/mm^2
    Stability to light: Poor
    Abrasion resistance: Good
    Acid resistance: Limited-Poor
    Alkaline resistance: Good
    Stability to solvents: Limited
    Hydrolysis resistance: Good