• Excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and mineral oils.
    • Very tough and flexible but does not have good abrasion resistance.
    • Working temperature is typically around 194F (90C).
    • Exposure to sunlight can cause degradation.
    • Does not absorb any water.
    • Only ETO sterilizing is recommended for Polypropylene. This material will discolor and degrade in Gamma Radiation and Autoclaving will soften and distort, possibly changing the filtration capabilities of the material.

    Part Numbers

    Sefar Part #1: 05-420/30
    Sefar Part #2: 3A05-0420-139-00

    Technical Information

    Mesh Opening: 420 micron
    Open Area: 30 %
    Thread Diameter: 340 micron
    Weight (lbs): 0.37 lbs/yd^2
    Weight (oz): 5.9 oz/yd^2
    Weight (g): 200 g/m^2
    Thickness: 610 micron
    Width: 54 inch
    Length: All mesh are sold in Yards.

    Material: Polypropylene
    Specific Gravity: 0.91 g/mm^3
    Tensile Strength: 35-62 daN/mm^2
    Stability to light: Poor
    Abrasion resistance: Limited
    Acid resistance: Good
    Alkaline resistance: Good
    Stability to solvents: Good
    Hydrolysis resistance: Good