Take the Frustration out of Choosing a Manufacturer. Look for an ISO 9001

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No matter the industry, shopping for a new manufacturer can be tricky, frustrating business. For nylon mesh — a product frequently used for medical and scientific purposes — this is especially true. Defective product can cause major headaches for consumers and businesses alike.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to weed out manufacturers that pose a potential liability. Perhaps the easiest method is to make sure the manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified.

What is an ISO 9001 Certification?

The ISO 9001 is an international standard for creating and maintaining quality management systems. For manufacturers, a quality management system (QMS) ensures that the product is quality tested at every step of the way. That way, customers receive the highest possible quality product. A nylon mesh manufacturer with an ISO 9001 certification is a nylon mesh manufacturer you can trust.

According to the ISO 9001, there are seven key principles of quality management:

  • A focus on satisfying the customer
  • Strong leadership
  • Competent, empowered employees
  • Using processes to achieve consistent outcomes
  • Seizing opportunities for improvement
  • Making decisions based on evidence and research
  • Maintaining relationships with other organizations (such as suppliers or retailers) for continued success.

In order to receive an ISO 9001 certification, a business or manufacturer must demonstrate that they have successfully implemented these seven principles.

Why Does It Matter?

Simply put, a manufacturer with an ISO 9001 certification is a manufacturer that has demonstrated their ability to deliver consistently high-quality product.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global federation representing more than 164 national standards bodies. They empower businesses to deliver excellent quality product to consumers.

What Else Should I Look Out For?

The ISO 9001 is an excellent indicator of quality if you're looking for a nylon mesh manufacturer, but it isn't the only indicator.

In the medical industry, quality is more than desirable — it's non-negotiable. If you're searching for a manufacturer to supply you with medical grade product, look for an ISO 13485. The ISO 13485 standard ensures that medical devices and their components are manufactured at the greatest possible level of care and quality.

The ISO also has certifications to help manufacturers manage their environmental impact — the ISO 14000 family. These standards ensure that manufacturers are operating with care and respect to the environment. This allows consumers and businesses to make more well-informed, ethical decisions in regards to choosing a manufacturer.

At Elko Filtering Co., we are committed to delivering the highest possible quality synthetic monofilament fabrics. Our supplier, Selfar, is certified to all the standards listed above and then some. For more information about Selfar's high quality nylon mesh, contact us today!

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