Need Multifilament Fibers for Your Filtration and Screening Processes?

by | Tuesday, December 17, 2019 |

Globally, there is a wide number of factory solid and liquid separation process. Most of these need a corresponding diversity of highly particular, mechanically and chemically resistant, highly functioning filter media. The appearance of synthetic monofilament fibers provided the likelihood to create a wide range of tailormade filter components from woven synthetic fabrics. After concentrating with the accuracy of woven fabrics for screening and filtration, Sefar has come up with a global reputation for its to quality goods and services. Particularly, the essentials of how to go about possibilities to grow the value of the filter media to the final user in different fields and applications are described.

Industries use filter fabrics in a big number for an industrial sieving and filtration purposes ranging from medical filters in infusion sets to the treatment of wastewater, from dye fragment separation bags to food sorting and drying belts.

Below are benefits of Sefar filter fabrics:

A high flow rate with durability with least blinding

Excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal properties and resilience

Low cost

More firm standards imposed by surroundings protection laws dictate that the current production process attains ever greater efficiency and are progressively cost-effective. Similar standards can only be achieved by developing advanced sifting and filtration products. The two major contributors to the success of Sefar are the 170 years of concentrating on advanced woven fabrics for filtration and separation of its combination of: 

1. Whenever possible they depend on the benefits of monofilament synthetic fibers on top and cake forming filtration process.

2. Prioritizing on always choosing the most preferred raw materials, product design and exceptional product treatment to enable its performance; and lastly, using the most progressed and modern skills of fabrication and making up techniques.

Focusing on the development of a particular product for a long time helps improve its quality, for instance, Sefar focused on the production of filter fabrics for 170 years. This has ensured that their products are of high quality with the lowest price. It is also important to consider the selection of raw materials, always ensure you pick the best raw materials. This will help in the production of the best quality of your products. Sefar is a good example, they ensure that they chose the right raw materials that ensure their product last long and they have mechanical and chemical properties that are resistant. Contact us for more information.

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