How To Find Food-Safe Mesh for Your Products

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How To Find Food-Safe Mesh for Your Products

Safe food production depends on food safety management and compliance from all parties that contribute materials, which contact food items. Packaging manufacturers and companies that produce and supply food-contacting materials are involved.

The food-safe mesh is among the highly demanded materials that contact food during the processing stage. It's commonly used in commercial kitchens and food processing plants. It's also utilized for food drying, tea bag production, liquid filtration, and much more.

How can you find high-quality mesh and other food-safe industrial equipment supplies for your products?

FDA Compliance

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration is in charge of regulating food-safe products. If the product is FDA-compliant for food contact, it's made of the correct quality and type of materials that are safe for touching food.

The main problem with such materials is that their molecules can move onto or into food when touching it. While in some cases, it may affect the taste, color or odor, in others, it may make products dangerous for consumption.

When determining whether the material is food-safe or not, other parameters such as resistance to temperature changes, oil content, and others are considered. The most common food-safe materials that are used for mesh are stainless steel, polypropylene, and polyethylene.

How Can You Find Food-Safe Mesh For Your Products?

When you are planning to purchase food-safe mesh and other industrial equipment supplies, it is highly important to find the right vendor. Companies that sell food-safe materials are responsible for maintaining strict FDA compliance.

Manufacturers offering food-grade and food-safe products should have proper certification. You have the right to ask for all the necessary certificates as well as check their validity by contacting the issuing authority. Ask if the company has one or more of the following.

The provider you choose to work with should ensure quality and compliance of all components for its food-safe materials as determined by the FDA.

Food safety is among the most delicate issues in the manufacturing industry since the consequences of errors may be grave. That's why spending extra time looking for food-safe product manufacturers and suppliers can pay off tremendously.

At Elko Filtering Co., we offer top-notch food-safe mesh for different purposes. We are ready to demonstrate all certificates that allow us to call our products safe for food contact. If you have any further questions, please contact us today.

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