How Do You Find a Mesh That is Food Safe?

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How Do You Find a Mesh That is Food Safe?

Mesh is a vital tool in the food industry. From sieving, filtering, deep-frying, grilling, extraction juices and oils to covering foodstuff, the role of the mesh cannot be overlooked. However, safety is a major concern when it comes to using a mesh. Some meshes are known to contaminate food and cause sanitary issues. Therefore, companies that are in the food sector want a mesh that is not only strong, resilient, and functional, but also extremely safe. If you are looking for a food-grade mesh, here's how to go about it.

Make Sure it's FDA Regulated

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with ensuring the public is consuming safe food. This agency makes sure that all tools, chemicals, technologies, and raw materials that are used in food production processes are safe. This includes equipment used in preparation, packaging and storage of foodstuff.

When looking for a mesh, ensure the product you want to purchase is FDA approved. Whether the mesh is made of nylon, polyester, teflon, or polyester, investigate whether the product has the not of the government. A mark of approval is a guarantee that the equipment will not pollute any food it comes into contact with. All FDA approved products undergo strict tests to ensure they are safe.

Ensure it's Suitable for the Job at Hand

Not all meshes are created equal. Each mesh is designed with a different purpose in mind. Before making an order, outline your needs to ensure the equipment can handle the task at hand. Some meshes are versatile and can be used for different applications, while others can only be used for specific jobs. On the minimum, the mesh should be durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and its material and finish should meet essential sanitary standards.

If the meshes will be exposed to high levels of heat, such as during deep-frying, ensure you select a product that can withstand extreme temperatures. This will not only prevent damage to the equipment, but you will also avoid contaminating the food. Also, ensure the mesh can't be damaged or degraded by salt, acidic solutions, and other food production chemicals.


To find a food-grade mesh that will satisfy your needs and expectations, you need to partner with the right mesh manufacturing company. The company you pick should have extensive experience producing the specific type of mesh you want, and they should also offer customizable options. It should also adhere to all FDA regulations and promote high safety and ethical standards. With a professional mesh manufacturer, you are guaranteed a safe and flawless food production process.

If you are searching for a suitable food-grade mesh, get in touch with us today and we will find you the best mesh options!

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