Our ribbons are used in a multitude of applications such as automotive and aerospace filters, household and industrial filters, electronic devices, diagnostic test strips, perfusion and transfusion filters in healthcare.

    • Ribbons with a width up to 300 mm are wound onto polyester discs with an inner square hole 30 x 30 mm and an outer diameter of 61 mm
    • Ribbons can also be rolled upon request onto ABS rings with an inner diameter of 76 mm (3")
    • Ribbons wider than 300 mm are wound onto polystyrene tubes with an inner diameter of 76 mm (3")
    • Depending on fabric, slitting technology, core and width of the ribbon, rolls can be approximately up to 500m long

    Packaging and Labeling

    • Ribbons are packed into PE bags which are closed by welding
    • Ribbons made of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics are double bagged
    • The label contains the following information:
    • Manufacturer
    • Material
    • Dimensions (width in mm, length in meter)
    • Manufacturing date
    • Order number
    • Roll number

    Single or multilayer fabrics can be heat- or ultrasonically-slit into ribbon form

    • No fraying edges
    • Can be used for medical applications
      (SEFAR MEDIFAB, double bag)
    • Different types of coils available
    • Traceability (label)

    Heat-Slit Edge

    • Welded, closed edges
    • For all fabric, except PTFE
    • Width from 7 mm to 3600 mm

    Ultrasonically-Slit Edge

    • Closed edge without rim
    • Width from 4 mm to 700 mm
    • PA/PP/PET with mesh opening < 280 ┬Ám