Stamped pieces are convenient for insert molding and are made from by a cold, laser or ultrasonic stamping process.

    Product forms

    • Cold stamping is the most economical process and provides standard-tolerance pieces with edges that are not sealed. Cold stamping is possible for all fabrics. Piece dimensions range up to 1000 x 1000 mm
    • Laser stamping provides a heat-sealed edge. Maximum dimensions are 480 x 480 mm
    • Ultrasonic stamping is available for fabrics having mesh openings < 400 ┬Ám. It ensures tight tolerances and provides high-quality sealed edges which do not fray
    • Stamped discs with a diameter range of 6 to 95 mm are possible. Multilayer pieces are possible

    Packaging / Labeling

    • Stamped pieces are packed into sealed PE bags
    • Stamped pieces made of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics are double bagged
    • The label contains the following standard information:
      manufacturer, material, outer dimensions, manufacturing date, order number, batch number
    • If it is packed according to medical standards (double-layer packaging), the label is attached to the inner bag

    More Details

    • Almost unlimited range of shapes (various technologies)
    • Suited for healthcare applications (SEFAR MEDIFAB, double bag)
    • Traceability (label)
    • Non-fraying edges (depending on selected technology)